Noe Medrano

Noe Medrano
Noe Medrano

Williamson County

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Language Skills: Spanish
Service Area: Williamson County-Travis County Area

Hello and a hearty HOOAH to you all

My name is Noe Medrano (pronounced No-ee) I’m a retired U.S. Army Drill Sergeant and a husband to an intelligent and beautiful wife. I am also a father to four lovely head strong daughters (yes four) and one hard working step-son. On top of the previously mentioned blessings, I am also a proud licensed agent with the JB Goodwin family of realtors. 

I come from humble beginnings growing up on a small farm in Brownsville,Texas. I learned early as a boy the value of hard work. I've done everything from milking cows, to picking crops in the Texas heat and oddly enough, I've even had to dodge a hog a time or two after falling into the pig pen.

From farm life, I transitioned into military life as an enlisted soldier. I eventually became a U.S. ARMY Drill Sergeant who had to train and prepare young men and women to survive conflicts abroad. I worked tirelessly with hopes that my instruction and training would make a difference in bringing these exemplary soldiers back alive.

See, all of my life I've been molded to live up to the JB Goodwin motto (help people). I've given all of myself in helping others in whatever capacity. Whether it was helping on the family farm, keeping my family afloat, or trying to help our young soldiers become all that they could be, people have confidently depended on me.

So, that being said, it would be an honor for me to work for you. A home or property is the biggest investment you can make next to your family and loved ones. During a major investment like this, you deserve the best in dependability and service. If Uncle Sam can depend on me, so can you. Let’s get it done.


Me llamo Noe Medrano. Soy un agente de bienes raíces con JB Goodwin. Si tienes una necesidad o pregunta relativa a cualquier tipo de propiedad, por favor mándame una mensaje o llámame lo mas pronto posible. Yo te puedo ayudar.