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Brandenburg Gate- Berlin, Germany

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Where we come from, our experiences, culture, where we grew up, influence all we do. My family migrated from Mexico many years ago to the sunny state of California, where I was born. Money was scarce as I was growing up, but the hard-work of both my parents helped them build two separate successful businesses. One of these successful businesses was my father's property investment business, which largely influenced my love for Real Estate. I follow two concepts, that my father taught me, in my life and work: Hard work gets you places and always to your best. As your Realtor, it would be my pleasure and first priority to provide my best work to get you where you need to be. Whether you need to purchase, lease, or looking to invest, I am ready to work with you! I have Real Estate knowledge, backed by a great JBGoodwin team to get the job done!

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