Nathan Boudreau

Nathan Boudreau

San Antonio

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Language Skills: Spanish

I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and decided at a young age that I would fulfill my passion for serving others by joining the military. I wanted a challenge and wanted to learn what it meant to fight for something so I joined the Marine Corps upon turning 18. I learned a lot in the five years that I served and also met my lovely wife, Madaline, who is currently serving in the Navy. I learned what Honor, Courage and Commitment truly meant and above all Commitment is something I consider to be the most important because without it all else falls apart. The valuable lessons I was taught are exemplified in my life outside the military as well and serve to make me a better Real Estate agent because I know what it means to be committed and through military relocation and dealing with deployments, I know just how important it is to secure the right home for your family.

San Antonio has been my family’s home since 2014 and this city has brought many opportunities and provided a great place to raise a family.

I am motivated and committed to giving back to this city by being a Real Estate agent and I will cherish any opportunity to help my fellow citizens and service members find their perfect home. Let me accompany you on your home buying or selling journey and I will be committed to you from start to finish!