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Service Area: Austin

Being born in Cleveland, Ohio taught me the value of working hard and realizing anything you want to do is just a skill. When I moved down to Austin in 2016, I didn’t know anyone but I loved the city(and the weather) and I still love it today! The people, food, music, nature, art, and architecture are some of the reasons why I never want to leave. I didn’t really have a clear direction when I first got here so I worked a couple of delivery driving jobs which gave me an incredible knowledge of the city, its neighborhoods, and surrounding areas. I then became an apartment locator after I got my real estate license and in my first year, I placed top 3 in my office.

In 2021 I decided to take the leap and join JBGoodwin to help me take my career to the next level. I really fell in love with the company when I was told their simple mission statement is to: Help People. I love that because when I work with clients, I’m never looking out for my bottom line. For me, it’s always about what is going to make my clients the happiest because I want your experience with me to be the best real estate transaction you’ve ever had! I know that helps me get referrals and referrals will create longevity for me in this business.

My friends and family know me as a person that genuinely loves to talk to people and hear about their stories. They tell me I’m a great listener and I feel that’s important when it comes to your needs in real estate. Let’s work together to make your real estate dreams come true in ATX!