Marianela Eichler

Marianela Eichler
Marianela Eichler

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Language Skills: Spanish

The purchase or selling of a home should not be an unnerving or stressful experience; but it is, I know this!  I want to help make it as smooth as possible because whether your searching for a house for you and your spouse, your children, your furry kids or just you and your books, your collection of classic films, you want your family to share a HOME! 

I grew up in Miami, Florida where I spent 30 years in the Hospitality Industry as a Sales & Marketing Professional representing some of the most breathtaking hotels and resorts in Miami and the Beaches.  Hotels such as The Biltmore, Doral Beach Resort, Sheraton Bal Harbour and the Crowne Plaza Miami Airport to name a few; these hotels afforded me the experience of negotiating with Fortune 500 companies for multi-million dollar deals.

I relocated to San Antonio, Texas in the summer of 2009.  Yes, I followed my kid to college (UT Austin - so I am close enough for the monthly laundry drives).  The move proved to be quite the culture shock but I have fallen in love with San Antonio, the flavor, the history, the vibrant feel of it but most importantly I love the sense of community.  

I never dreamed I could feel the same passion in another industry after retiring from hotels.  Real Estate has certainly brought back that feeling. Working in the Hospitality Industry has trained me for this very task, to help make the process as smooth as possible, working diligently to negotiate to the best of my experience and abilities for you!