I am a  Real Estate agent at JBGoodwin REALTORS with vast experience in handling real estate deals. I am passionate about my profession and aggressive in closing deals.

I am proficient in Spanish and English. I consider myself a citizen of two countries having lived and worked in Mexico and the United States. I moved to the United States nine years ago, when the Mexican economy started declining and started my real estate venture here. I was actively involved in the Mexican real estate market prior to making the move. I couldn't imagine myself with any other career.

My mission is to serve people in this world. I am fascinated with every culture and love to learn from real people. That is why I have traveled the world and have great respect for all the different cultures in the world. Clients are not just clients, I build a relation through the process when buying or selling a home, because I get to spend lot of time with them and get to meet their family too.

Hoping in the future I can meet you and your family too.


Laura Papoyan