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Hi, I’m Emily! Originally from the east coast, I grew up in a town called Catonsville, outside of Baltimore MD. Catonsville was filled with historic homes and I believe my love for ornate architecture and unique houses started there. After graduating high school, I moved to Philadelphia to attend college where I received a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. Shortly after graduating, I got a job working for a small design firm in New Jersey. However, after 2 years of cross-state commuting, I was ready for a change of pace – which brought me to sunny Austin (turns out it’s not always sunny in Philadelphia).

I only visited Austin once before making my big blind move, but I fell in love with it. Everything from the weather, to the food, to the people and probably highest on that list – the abundance of outdoor activities (Did I mention I was a girl scout for nearly 10 years?) Shortly after arriving, I landed a job with a local Bakery and Beer Garden, overseeing their Wholesale Operations for about 7 years. While I learned so much during that time, one of the most relevant to real estate was getting to know all of Austin’s neighborhoods and eateries. It’s that knowledge of local businesses and high-end customer service that I promise to include in serving all of your real estate needs.

When I am not happily house hunting, I enjoy cooking, traveling, and getting outdoors with my husband and sweet little Pomeranian Addie. Traveling for us can be as close as the hill country for some hiking and wine; or as far as Prague for, well, also hiking and wine. One of my favorite parts of traveling, no matter where is finding a unique place to stay (ask me about the houseboat I rented in the middle of a West Texas desert). I would love to help you find your next unique property turned income potential!

With a vast knowledge of the local scene, a passion for property, and an eye for the creative, I hope to help you in finding your piece of Austin or beyond! Whether it’s buying your dream home, leasing an apartment, investing, or a vacation spot, I would truly love to help you. Feel free to reach out anytime or find me on social media #emilystexaskeys.