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Duy Tran
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San Antonio

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Language Skills: Vietnamese

I was born in Baatan, Phillippines and raised in Southern California. Seeing my family moved from Vietnam to the United States with little to no money, I knew that I wanted to do something different. I learned that I will need to make my financial choices early in life, to support my future family. I decided to enlist into the United States Army, within the first opportunity. The Army has provided me not just financial stability, but with core values and motivation to complete my daily tasks. Which assisted me in purchasing my first home, by my 21st birthday. My family were not able to purchase their own home until I was 19 years old. It took my migrant family 19 long years, and six months worth of hurdles, to finally become a first-time homeowner. Being in a position, to change and ensure no one else had to go through, what my parents went through during that time, is extremely valuable and rewarding. 

During my tenure with the military, my leadership suggested that with my downtime, I should be volunteering within my community to boost morale and welfare. I enjoyed spending my time and saw the benefit of sharing one's company with another. Combine that with the process of real estate, which goes hand in hand of what I was conducting within the military. I knew that when I was ready to exit the military service, I had another calling ready for me. After completing 10 years of Active Duty, I transitioned to become an agent with the best company within San Antonio and surrounding areas. Being able to assist new and old homeowners is a privilege and honorable process. I believe, together, we can complete a realistic goal of real estate. 

When I am not busy helping clients and customers, I spend my time assisting other veterans reconnecting with the great outdoors.