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Welcome to JBGoodwin, REALTORS®!


We are here to provide the resources, professional expertise, and guidance you need to have a rewarding experience in buying, selling, or leasing Austin-area real estate.


Our top priority is to Help YOU with YOUR real estate needs.


My wife, Linda and I are The Thorne Team. We can prepare you to act quickly to acquire or market real estate. There's much more to dealing in real estate than targeting a good price or finding the property. Our familiarity with the steps you need to take will make certain that you are prepared to take decisive action. In the complex world of real estate, opportunities may disappear fast.


JB Goodwin has been a force in Austin real estate for over 40 years. Add that to the personal expertise of The Thorne Team, and you are poised to attain your real estate goals.


We have lived in Austin for over 30 years. We have been part of the growth from a picturesque medium-sized community to the bustling metropolis of today. I grew up on a cotton farm, worked my way through a master's degree and have had a varied career in high tech and even traded FOREX currencies. I love good music, barbecue, photography and golf. I have a passion for collegiate football and I know what it means to have a balanced lifestyle. I have lived in Austin for the majority of my life, but have also lived in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, Albuquerque, Denver, and Chicago. I have covered a lot of the world since leaving a cotton farm in the panhandle of Texas.


Join with The Thorne Team to begin an exciting, fulfilling journey. Together, we can navigate the complex world of modern real estate. We will help you make sense of what can be a frustrating, daunting and often confusing challenge to accomplish your real estate goals. We have been trained in the process and techniques to identify and reach real estate goals. We have access to professional resources and tools specific to resolving issues encountered in real estate. Let us help you attain those goals in the most effective way possible. Buying, selling, or leasing real estate does not have to be filled with stress and anxiety. We will very likely have fun along the way.


We'll be with you from helping define your goals to closing the contract. We will take every step together.


Think of us as family. What is important to YOU is important to us.


Contact us now so we can get started, together!