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Brandon Hauser
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Hi there! I am Brandon Hauser and I am excited to assist you in meeting your real estate goals!

I started my career serving a global clientele as a life-guidance counselor. Being a personal consultant has afforded me a specific skill of helping my clients align with their highest goals while also finding real and tangible pathways towards achieving them. Coupled with a passion and calling for real estate, my unique perspective will offer you a working relationship that can be relied upon in nearly any situation. I'd like to be the person that Helps You with Your goals. I can help with: 

  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Investment Property
  • Leasing your rental property
  • Finding you a home to rent
  • Finding you an apartment
  • Helping you with your Relocation needs anywhere in the world
My ability to remain in tune with your goals will get you where you want to go. 

Austin for me is home and I am enjoying watching this city grow with so many different types of people and ways of living. When we come together with all of our unique traits, characteristics and lifestyles, that is how we create harmony in our community and I believe Austin will be a shining example of harmonious living, now and in the future. It takes all citizens of a city to make a place beautiful and I like to do my part by being of service to those living local and relocating to Austin, but also by volunteering my time for organizations I believe in. One of my favorite places to volunteer for is the film festival during SXSW. Helping to manage a theater for such a huge event is an incredibly rewarding experience and connects me to so many different people and parts of the city. I learn so much every time I volunteer and I strongly value the friendships and lifelong connections I make while being there.

In my personal time I love to find adventure and discover new information in all fields of life. I value tradition and family so it is not far-fetched to see me spending time at family dinners, events or gatherings with close friends. In my free time you can find me out hiking a trail, spending time on the water, traveling, being out in the sun, exploring museums, having long conversations with friends, even philosophizing about life and the universe. Any activity that can broaden my mind and connect me to people or nature truly nurtures my mind, body and soul. I frequently use intuition balanced with logic in all that I do which gives me access to insightful information others may not pick up on as easily.

With my unique and interpersonal perspective, you can rest assured that my focus and attention to detail will work diligently for you as a Realtor. Working with me will grant you the 'white-glove treatment' in all professional services with a touch of personality to help ease this process and make it as smooth as possible for all of your real estate goals.