Barbara Chardavoyne

Barbara Chardavoyne

San Antonio

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Hi, and welcome to JB Goodwin REALTORS®! If you are looking at this site, you must be contemplating a move. Whether it is from afar or just the next street, I can understand your feelings. You are probably feeling excitement and apprehension, curiosity and confusion. Please believe me, I have been there and done that.

I have lived in six states and two countries outside of the U.S. I have lived as a border in others’ homes, in hotels for extended stays, apartments, condos, starter homes, mid-range homes, and homes that sold for one million dollars. With all of this experience in my background, I can easily understand most of your feelings about moving.

If you are looking for a realtor who is watching out for your best interest, I will be the right person. I have watched many realtors over the years and know what is important to both buyers and sellers. Attention to the client, you, and to the details are both important, and I am ready, willing, and able to do this. My time and attention will be focused on you.

I came to San Antonio about six years ago from Connecticut by way of Michigan and Arizona. I quickly learned to love this city with the small town atmosphere. After having taught for over 20 years, both children and adults, I decided it was time to experience something new. My children are grown and successfully engaging in their own lives in Denver, CO and Washington, D.C. I have done extensive volunteer work over the years including locally with the Red Cross and Avance.

I would love the opportunity to help make this move a pleasant and successful one for you. Give me a call at 210-722-3413 or ask for Barb at 210-581-9050. Thanks for taking the time for getting to know me.