Ashley Salas

Ashley Salas

Hill Country - Boerne

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Being from all over Texas, I learned at a young age that moving/re-locating is challenging.  Looking back, Real Estate Agents were the very connection to each and every place I have called home.  Home is a unique place with a different meaning to each of us.

As an Agent, I am privileged to be apart of every client's journey whether it's to a new town or right next door.  I am fully dedicated to my clients from start to finish and even beyond the transaction.  While change is inevitable, I want all of my clients to feel fully supported, respected and represented past their expectations.

With my decision to start a career in real estate in 2016, I have been prepared to build my business from the ground up.  All of my tenants, sellers, buyers and those who have asked a simple question are deeply treasured.  I am truly blessed and grateful that for a living I get to meet new people, assist and be apart of their new chapters.

Here at JB Goodwin our motto is to simply "Help People".  My motto as a Real Estate Agent is "One door at a time".