Ana Lucia Lochtefeld

Ana Lucia Lochtefeld
Ana Lucia Lochtefeld

For this painting, I started with one thing in mind and ended up with this. This is what I love about painting and being creative.


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Language Skills: Portuguese
Service Area: Austin Area

            Welcome and Thank you for viewing my web page!

I am originally from Brazil and became an American Citizen 15 years ago. I have lived the American Dream first hand, coming to this great country and raising a beautiful family.   The moment I purchased my first home in California is something I will never forget.  It is my passion and dream to help other people realize their housing dream.  Having relocated to Austin three years ago, I offer a fresh perspective to those individuals looking to make Austin their home or move into a new community. 
I am married and have three wonderful children – two boys and a girl – and a grandaughter.
I love living in Austin.  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  I have a strong creative side to me so, when I have free time, I love to paint abstract art.

JBGoodwin REALTORS® has been in business in the Austin area since 1972.  We work as a team to provide you with quality service.  In fact, the Company’s Mission Statement is simply to “Help People”.  I feel the same way.

I can help with:

• Buy a home
• Sell a home
• Find Investment Property
• Lease your rental property
• Rent a home



  • Austin Board of Realtors®
  • Texas Association of Realtors®
  • National Association of Realtors®
  • Austin Multiple Listing Service

             Thank you and I look forward to working with you!