Reagan Ament


Reagan Ament

Howdy, and thanks for stopping by.   I'm Reagan Ament, Principal Agent at Ament Property Group.  My family and I proudly call Boerne our home.  Along with my wife Jennifer, daughter Harper, and son Brooks, we love taking a good road trip, even though the stops are a little more frequent than they used to be. I have to fight the urge to eat Mexican food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  We’ve got a flock of crazy hens, and a rooster that crows at bedtime.  I'm an expert snipe hunter, so if you've never been, I'd be happy to take you.  I enjoy a good dad joke, but when it comes to working with my clients, I certainly understand the importance of sophistication, which means I know how to raise my dad jokes to an elite level.

I was born and raised in the Texas Hill Country in my beautiful hometown of Kerrville, then ventured westward to San Angelo earning a degree in Business and Marketing from Angelo State University. After college, I headed a bit further west to California (don't worry) where my career encompassed primarily sales and management positions. After spending twelve years in the corporate world, Texas finally called me back home. I earned a drilling fluids certification and consulted as an onsite drilling fluids engineer in South Texas and Wyoming in the oil and gas industry.   Throughout my career, I often asked myself, "why are you not in real estate?"  After all, I had been intrigued since childhood.  Thankfully, I gave in to what is now my passion, and haven't looked back. 

I am proud to align The Ament Property Group with one of the best Real Estate Brokers in Texas, JB Goodwin.  For me, it is imperative to surround myself with people of high integrity, relentless work ethic, and a track record of success - and that’s exactly how JB Goodwin has been operating since 1972.  JB’s mission is simple, yet so important, “Help People.”  I’d like to take a moment to tell you what that means to me.

My promise and duty to you is to work tirelessly, utilizing all of my resources, market expertise, and skills to ensure that I exceed your expectations.

  • That means Listening. I understand that each client’s situation is unique.  That’s why my process begins simply by listening and understanding my client’s needs AND wants.  From there, I will work with you to create an efficient plan and tailor made strategy to maximize your goals.  

  • Trust. I will place your best interest above all others, including my own. I analyze many factors including location, market trends, property condition, style, utility, inspections, codes. After taking all of those factors into account, I will go to the table for you - negotiating the very best offer possible.   

  • Marketing. I don’t just post your property on 100+ websites/apps and hope for the best.  I will tell the story of your home.  Every property is special and has a unique value and energy about it. That may be the history, the yard, the location, the style and finishes, or even the potential.  Whatever that is, I will exhaust my resources in conveying the value and function of your property to increase interest.

  •  Proactive and attention to detail. I will analyze contracts and addenda to identify potential issues before they arise, making for less headaches and a smoother transaction.

  • Communication.  Knowledge is power, and it is imperative that information is exchanged with my clients effectively and efficiently.
  • Perseverance. I will be there the entire way - through the offer(s), contract, inspections, financial aspects, and making sure I’ve done everything I can to ensure you walk away from that closing table with a big Texas smile. 

Whether you are buying, selling, looking for investment opportunities, or just need a trusted resource to bounce around some ideas for the future, I am here to help. I would be honored to serve you wherever you are in your real estate journey. Reach out today and let’s have a conversation about your real estate goals or dreams.

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