Oshe Cain


Oshe Cain


As a person who loves to hike and appreciates the outdoors, Austin has been a great place to live. From the nature trails around Lake Travis to the various live shows to be found around town in the evening, this eclectic city has a lot to offer. 

I grew up for most of my life in Red Rock, Texas; a small, rural town east of Austin. Being raised in the country gifted me with hobbies like fishing, volunteering at church, and tending my family's land. Growing up a little further from the city, I am quite familiar with those hidden gem fishing spots like Lake Bastrop!

Professionally, I have a background in pharmacy where there is an intent focus on the well-being and needs of our patients. Purchasing a home is a significant investment and can be daunting without the proper guidance and counsel. It's absolutely my goal to apply the same care, honesty, and attention to detail in advocating for your real estate experience. 

After living in the area for nearly two decades, I've seen how the city has crescendoed over the years and continues to do so. At JBGoodwin our mission is to help people.  I look forward to meeting you and assisting with all of your purchasing, leasing, and investment needs!

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