Maggie Castillo


Maggie Castillo

Hello, my name is Maggie Castillo. After completing high school, I decided to dive into the world of property management. I quickly developed a passion for the industry. My determination allowed me to quickly advance in my career. I have chosen to utilize my knowledge of property management to embark on an exciting journey as a Real Estate Agent with JBGoodwin.

Being a parent has taught me valuable lessons in responsibility and time management. I have learned to balance the responsibilities of family and my profession. My personal and professional achievements are closely intertwined. The love and support I receive from my family serve as a constant reminder of why I work hard to create a better life for my family. My determination and drive push me to reach new heights in my career, inspiring others to pursue their own dreams.

My family has lived in the Kyle/Buda area for four generations. As a member of the JBGoodwin team, it is my goal to assist you in finding a property in the Austin/surrounding areas that you and your family can enjoy for generations as well.

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