Esteban Soto


Esteban Soto

First and foremost, I'm honored that you chose my profile. My name is Esteban Soto, and I'm a proud Texan through and through.

I grew up in El Paso, but left to Austin in 1993 to pursue my dream in music. Along the way, I've managed to check off most of the items on my bucket list of life. I've sung in front of an audience of 5,000 plus. I've opened my own restaurant, where I turned my passion for wine into a level 2 Sommelier certification. I've worked as an audio engineer for Willie Nelson's studio in Pedernales. I've helped launch a successful locally-owned tequila company, and I've authored and published two novels of fiction. I'm not telling you all this to boast of accolades, but rather to show you that when I commit to something in life, I follow through. More importantly, in between it all, I've gained a profound background in sales and a passion to help people in all aspects of life.

Now, here I am, checking off the last (hopefully) item on my bucket list - to help people buy or sell the place where their most precious memories were, or will be, made. It's a massive decision in one's life and should be treated as such.

In my many years of living in the Austin area, I've learned all the nuances and vastly varying characteristics of this great city. I've visited and weaved through its many neighborhoods that range from quirky and cute to prestigious and stately. I've swam in the many lakes and watering holes she offers, and I've eaten in many of the countless, delicious eateries that seem to pop up every month. To put it plainly, I know and love this city and all the interesting places that surround it. 

With my extensive and deeply-immersive training provided by one of the most successful Real Estate companies in the world, I know I can find the perfect place in Austin (or the surrounding area) for you to live in.  Contact me and let's chat, whether it be about buying or selling a home or just about wine! Either way, I'm here for you!

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