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Eseka Amibikas

I am an engineer from The University of Texas at Austin. I speak 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Kiswahili, and Portuguese. As a diverse real estate agent, we can communicate without any barriers.

I remember moving to Austin during the real estate booming days. According to the news, about 150 people move to Texas every day. Many houses and rental properties that were listed in Austin didn’t last long because many people kept moving to Texas. Being my first time living in Austin I really needed help finding a place I could call home. During my first week here, I stayed at a hotel while I searched for properties. Almost all properties I reached were already either sold, pending, or out of my budget. So, I asked myself, “Will I ever find a place to call home?” As I searched on the internet to find a place, I found people that were able to help me. I was very fortunate because I had found a real estate agent who had knowledge of the open real estate in Austin and all over Texas. In a couple of hours, he found a place for me and helped me secure that place. I still live in that place today, thanks to him.

Now I am a JBGoodwin Realtor,  one of the top best Real Estate Companies in the world. As a real estate agent, who understands what a house or real property means to someone, I have dedicated my mission to discover a place you can call home and feel at home, assist you in selling your house and attract buyers for your house or properties. Just tell me what is needed from me and I guarantee you a place to call home, a tenant, or a buyer for your properties.

Remember, I am here to serve you and thank you for your time.

Eseka Amibikas, REALTOR®
Westlake C. 512-364-9737 https://www.jbgoodwin.com/agents/eseka-amibikas/ Language Skills: Portuguese, French, Kiswahili, Spanish

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