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Doug Bolden

I am a Texas native who grew up in the Greater Houston area until around ten years ago when I visited Central Texas and fell in love, since then this has been home, outdoor life suits me and I have been fortunate enough to own a home here on the lake where in my spare time I enjoy taking my jet skis out, exploring greenbelts, leisure floats down the river with my extended military family, and taking advantage of all the other natural resources that Central Texas has to offer making it such a wonderful place to call home.

I embrace diversity and believe that everyone is unique and therefore the home buying process needs to be as well. What may be the perfect dream home for one may not be for another, and so it is very important to me that we search until we find you that home that speaks directly to your heart, the one that when you find it will remove any doubts and you can confidently look at me and tell me this is "home" let's write an offer. I do understand that home buying can be a very frightening venture, so let me reassure you that the pride of home ownership is a very rewarding feeling and one that can be enjoyed for many years to come once we have put in the necessary efforts to find that home that was meant just for you. If you would allow me, I would be very honored to assist in such a personal life-changing decision and guarantee that it will be given the care that it rightfully deserves.

I also understand that listing your home can be an equally challenging process, believe me, I've been there, those new homes are nice to look at but they may not harbor all of the great memories that my current home does. I promise to respect that and help you find the buyer who you feel will value and cherish your home as much as you do.

No matter the circumstance, I am committed to always being available to you and look forward to earning a long-lasting relationship with you as your preferred Realtor. 

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