Dana Diaz


Dana Diaz

Howdy there,

I’m from good ol’ San Antonio, where you can find Tex-Mex at every turn.  I was born and raised in the city life where when you first learn how to drive you HAVE to be ready to take on I-35, without hesitations. I moved outside of Texas for a period of my adult life and realized how much I missed it and wanted to be back in a space where breakfast tacos were the norm.  It has always been a “dream” of mine to live in Austin, so I created the opportunity to move back to Texas and rejoin the city life I had been missing.

I have always craved a career path in which I could be a continuous learner and leader to others. In alignment with this personal desire I, for several years, had been a member of the leadership team for a quick service restaurant that you have probably heard about. I won’t say any names, but I did say, “my pleasure” frequently. Participating as a key driver for the restaurant challenged me to always try and be (for my team, our guests, and myself) better- to be more empathetic, to be more humble, to be more resilient, and to always care genuinely for those around me because you never know what someone may be going through. These are also qualities that I strive to live out in my every day life and what I hope to see from others that I surround myself with, as well.

 I understand from personal experience how the decision of purchasing or selling your home (even if you're just moving down the street) can influence the trajectory of how your life may play out.  And it can have a big impact.  Considering this, I am committed to bringing my passion for empathy, resilience, and care to your next move in life during my partnership here with JB Goodwin.

Feel free to reach out by texting, calling, or email when you are ready to take on the chapter of your life.

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