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Christopher Lo

I am a Pennsylvania native, born in the city of Philadelphia. When I was 5 years old, my family moved to Delaware County, Pennsylvania, where I spent my childhood years. I attended college at Penn State University for my bachelor's and obtained my nursing licensure shortly after graduating from Penn State. After obtaining my nursing licensure, I moved to the New England area for the past 4 years to support my girlfriend's new career, and to also develop experience as a new graduate nurse. During my time in New England, I also developed a keen interest in the field of real estate.

My experience in healthcare, real estate investing, and being a landlord has taught me many invaluable skills, such as handling pressure, cherishing lifelong learning, active and empathetic listening, staying awake for many hours to ensure the work is completed to more than satisfaction, and most importantly, to advocate for my clients to the fullest! 

I am here for your real estate needs relating to: 
- Buying 
- Selling 
- Leasing rental properties for landlords
- Finding properties for tenants to rent 

As a realtor, I understand the processes and nuances of real estate can be daunting. Rest assured, I am here to make the home buying, selling, and leasing process as seamless as possible. My availability and methods of communication are flexible, as I can be reached via phone, in person, e-mail, or virtually. I look forward to hearing from you!  

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