Christina Benavides-Sanchez


Christina Benavides-Sanchez

I was raised in a small cow town called Sunnyside in the beautiful, Evergreen state: Washington. 11 years later, my family and I moved to Mission, TX. I can now proudly say that I am fully Texanized.

My background has always been in the service industry and nothing means more to me than being of service and adding value to the people I meet and work with.

If I'm not talking about real estate, I am either making shrimp scampi for my critters or reading a self-growth book.

I look forward to getting to know more about you and how I may be of service to you.

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Even though we were only looking for a rental, she made us feel prioritized and important.

” ~ Catherin Castano-Lopez

Visiting from Chicago I stayed with a friend in SA and I wanted to get an apartment.  But when I told the apartment owners I had 3 cats, no one wanted to rent to me they would accept 2 cats not 3. I called 6 times and they got me an agent every time but none would or could help me. On the 7th try they let me talk to Christina. We talked on the phone and then met for lunch, I felt that was a very safe way to meet. I told her the reason I came out here was because I was paying to much in property taxes on my house and the very cold weather.  For now I wanted an apartment out here to give me time to look for a house. Christina stood by me every step of the way. I could call her and talk to her or she would always call me back or reply to messages.  She went out of her way and above and beyond to try to help and make things work out for me. She is so helpful, more than all those realtors that gave up before they got to know me. My realtor friend in Chicago was selling my house and they would both make sure that even if I was not there, they could work together to get my papers signed and get things done smooth and easy by fax or computer. Christina found an apartment that would take 3 cats with a short-term lease of 3 months. After the move, we met many times and she showed us a lot of houses until I decided on this one house. We became friends after we bought this house.  

” ~ Lenore Joseph

Christina was fantastic. Always available to answer questions and she made it very very easy to schedule the house viewings. She printed out the information of each house we were viewing which was phenomenally helpful.

” ~ Karen Alondra Sandoval

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