Ashok Patel


Ashok Patel


My name is Ashokkumar (Ashok) Patel. I was born, raised, and educated in India. I am an Electrical Engineer. I have lived about fifty percent of my life in Texas – in Dallas, Houston, and now the Austin area. My wife and I moved to the Austin area in 2016, following our grandson. I can communicate in Gujarati, Hindi, and English.

As an Electrical Engineer, I have designed, produced, and supported computer systems until 2001. Upon getting laid off from Compaq Computer Corp. – now HP – in 2001, during a huge corporate restructuring, I decided to work for myself. After a few serious experiments, I finally located a pack and ship business in the Galleria area in Houston.

This was a great natural fit for me where I could independently practice my designing, building custom packaging and problem-solving skills. My wife and I operated this business successfully for ten years, with NOT A SINGLE CENT spent on sales and marketing. We experienced the power of Word-of-Mouth advertising firsthand. We worked very hard to earn our customer’s trust, one customer at a time, by diligently serving them looking for their interest and benefits, by keeping very high ethical standards for our services. Finally, it was time for us to hand over that business to another capable owner, and we retired.

A career in Real Estate was simmering for quite a while. By becoming a real estate professional, I have picked up a challenge to develop an outgoing personality, meet, educate, and help so many people in their varieties of real estate needs.

Working with JBGoodwin Realtors, our goal of “Helping People” really came together. Every client has a unique need in real estate. I am here to educate, help identify a customized solution and take them through the transaction, maintaining the same high ethical standards. My goal is to earn your trust and receive referrals from you.

I would like to ask you for an opportunity to serve you in developing a customized real estate solution for your specific real estate needs.

Let’s work together.

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